Unable to access or locate any Unofficial Server (To include the five I manage)

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  • Good Evening All....

    I am yet again, unable to locate and or access my unofficial or any unofficial server from either of my Xbox consoles. I am really growing tired of this game/platform. Everyday, there is some kind of problem. It's either, Nitrado or Wildcard. And what makes it worse, neither side is ever willing to admit they are the problem. Has anyone experienced this issue yesterday or today?

    I'm at wits end... I can join through someone else, but accessing servers any other way is impossible. I'm currently research NAT settings to see if this could be the root cause.:cursing::cursing::cursing:

  • It's probably caused by different version numbers between the Ark on the Xbox and the Nitrado server version. It just means Nitrado needs to update their servers. I'm having the same problem on ps4. Support was no help at all it's like they didn't even read what I wrote. On PS4 ark ver is 547.20 and Nitrado is 547.17 they need to be the same to work right.