Poor performance

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  • I had a small Ark survival server with Nitrado, and it wasn't getting used so I converted it to a Space Engineers server.
    It has just been installed over the last couple of days, it's on the "Earth Planet" Scenario, and there's only my Brother and Myself playing on it.

    The performance.. how can I put it politely, sucks.

    Major rubber banding, and freezes.
    CPU was running at around 95% with the 2 of us on it, so I decided to upgrade 1 level on the Hardware Performance Upgrade to Advanced.
    With me alone the CPU is running at 90+% if I'm actually doing anything, dropping to around 85% when I'm stood still for a while.

    I've got 1 mod installed - https://steamcommunity.com/sha…iledetails/?id=1311487683

    Any idea why it's running so badly? it was almost unplayable earlier with the 2 of us on it. Trying to fly any distance with the jet-pack was a case of fly for a few seconds, then the game would freeze then carry on for a few seconds.