Server Stuck in endless restart loop

  • Good Day,

    After a certain amount of time a 'Force Restart' or 'Force Shutdown' will appear on the website.

    Select either. Myself I have had better results with 'Force Shutdown'. Then restart the server.

    If you are still having issues, please contact Nitrado Support directly to submit a ticket.

    Here is the link: Support |

    Thank you.

  • Thanks - it's just the hotfixes so shouldn't be a huge issue to update and all, just a little annoying that I can't use the server till that's done lol - hopefully they can get it sorted out and I (and presumably anyone else not already updated - based on the over 60 views the post had in less than 12 hoursish) - are likely having :P.

  • Sorry to be persistent, but I've had a support ticket in for ~24 hours and have not had a functional server that whole time.

    Long story short, I attempted to upgrade my public server to EPS. I later learned from phone support that EPS makes no difference for Space Engineers, so I downgraded to Public Advanced. I have attempted many things (including multiple re-installs of the game), and cannot get a functional server running (it gets stuck in a restart loop or "stopping server"). I even re-activated my old public server for 3 days and it does not successfully run anymore.

    I've seen some quick turnaround replies to posts in this forum, so I'm hoping for the best...


  • if you're having the same issue I am, your server is probably running the 118...39 build of the game (the SE coming out of EA version), but hasn't been updated to the 118...41 build (the two hotfixes) - least that is the issue I've been having. I have a thread up here atm, and am about to put a ticket in because I got a reply to my thread telling me that he would let the team know like 15 hours ago. If that is the issue (which I know it is for me at least) - then there's no reason that they shouldn't have been able to update the version of the game to the current one so we can all play (my post has had almost 80 views in less than 24 hours so I am clearly not the only one with that issue. Kinda ridiculous that an entire day of my time has been completely unusable because they somehow are running the not most current version of the game on their servers - I went over to Server Blend, got a one month account (to be fair a lot more expensive per month, but had an issue getting the game up and had a reply from a member of their team and my issue resolved all within like 8 hours (and to be fair, my ticket was put in after business hours and I got a reply a solid couple hours earlier than I'd expected.) Hopefully they get on it here cause I REALLY like the prices here, but as far as rapid response and all, SB has them beat so far - took them only 4 hours to reply here to a thread, but since then, 15 hours ago, my server is still running the wrong version so not sure what's up there.

  • Same here.
    We just got the message, "Serverhost has left the Game" and now its in a restart loop.

    Force Stop and Force Restart arent working also.

    Ticket is out but it would be fine to know where the problem is.

  • It's now Sunday, and my server is *STILL* running the 1189039 version of the game - again that's the pre hotfixes for the full release version - the game is currently updated to 1189041 - which means 2 full days+ after I rented my serer I still can't even ATTEMPT to join it because the server is a different build than my current game version so I get immediately disconnected for version differences. I would REALLY appreciate someone fixing this asap since I AM paying for a full three months and at this rate I don't see myself getting to use ANY of that time - which while I technically have a server, its not one I can use which at best is misrepresenting what the price included but one shouldn't have to assume the build won't be the right build.

  • Did that many times. Tried re-installing server also. But as soon as I change the settings the server restarts and never fully starts. It's stuck on restarting forever. I also opened a ticket, but weren't answered yet.

  • At this point I have spent much more time trying to make this work than I have trying to set up my own server on my laptop, which completely defeats the purpose of renting one. From what I understand, other people have also been opening tickets for DAYS and have had no replies or help. If this is not fixed soon I think I'm just going to ask for a refund and go back to setting up my own server.

  • Thank you for being patient. Nitrado Support are working the tickets in order as they receive them. If a restart and/or reinstall does not work (it has for others) you will need to wait for a Nitrado Support person to assist with your ticket.

    Thank you.