2 Questions involving restart

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  • Hello,

    Any help with these 2 questions would be greatly appreciated!

    Question 1:

    Since I purchased a new server a few weeks ago it automatically restarts every morning just before 2:30am est. I never set it to do this although I would like it to restart just not at this time. It also doesn't show in the settings for the server on the web interface.

    Question 2:

    When doing a manual restart there is this message:

    "Before the server starts, please set the following settings to the correct value, to ensure the server can boot up properly."

    What value do I put in so it will give people time to get to a safe place??? Say 5 or 10 minutes? When I had a server a few years ago this was a separate setting.

    Thank you in advance!

    - Angela

  • Question 1:

    Go to your Nitrado dashboard

    Select Automated tasks under "Tools"

    There you will see a list of current auto tasks.

    By default there is one auto task set. I don't think you can edit this but you can delete it and create a new one of your own, to restart your serve at a more convenient time for you.

    Question 2:

    There is a drop down list of amount of seconds before your server shuts down/restarts. I have selected 300 (which is there apparent maximum allowed), which gives my players 5 minutes to get themselves ready for the restart.


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