• I'm pretty new to renting from Nitrado. So far, I love it. It's great except the complexity of customizing it to the owner and their players' desires unless they know how to code. Me, well I'm code-challenged and I would really appreciate the help. I've dug around to see if I can just copy and paste them, but there are no step-by-step instructions it seems for the people who have no idea what is going on. I've also noticed that the codes seem to vary from person to person. If someone could explain to me how I determine where they spawn, how many spawn, maybe a general code I could use as a layout for each one? Then after all of that, where exactly do I paste the final into the codes? What do most people use to write their codes? I have a Pages app on my MacBook Pro since I'm slacking on my Microsoft Word subscription. Basically treat me like an idiot when it comes to every single step of the process, lol.

    I did download Beacon and used that to edit my loot drops. I caught on pretty quick, but then again, it's very user friendly. I just can't quite wrap my brain around the codes to determine dinos spawning or not spawning.

    I want to add:

    - Basilisk

    - Bulbdog

    - Featherlight

    - Glowtail

    - Karkinos

    - Ravager

    - Reaper Queens (if possible)

    - Rock drakes (but only if they drop eggs)

    - Shinehorn

    - Enforcer

    - Gasbag

    - Managarmr

    - Snow Owl

    - Velonasaur

    - Gacha

    I want to remove:

    - Eurypterid

    - Ichthyornis

    - regular Jug Bug

    - Diplocaulus

    - Diplodocus

    - Gallimimus

    - Lystrosaurus

    - Moschops

    - Meganeura

    - Onyc

    - Titanomyrma

    Any and all help would be much appreciated...


  • Hello,

    Welcome to Nitrado.

    I would recommend by reading some additional posts around the same topic.

    Aberation and Scorched Earth won't work on my renter server.

    Adding Aberration/Extinction Dinos to my Ragnarok Map.

    Those also provide a couple of links of tools. You can also use ASM (ARK Server Manager) to generate the code. And a video link included.

  • Where can I find the Ark Service Manager? Like I said. I'm just confused and my brain isn't wired for coding. I've tried watching videos. I've tried reading plenty of threads. I'd just like to use someone's codes that are pre-written or find accurate codes that I can paste in.

  • There's websites I'm sure you can pay to access pre written code. Honestly we are handing you a fishing pole and giving you the guide with it. Ark server manager is a quick google search and handles all of the coding, you just decided where you want them and how many, or decide who you dont and remove.