Xbox Mods for ARK?

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  • Hello I have a cluster of five servers. I have recently attempted to load a couple of mods using the Beacon app and the Steam Workshop URL's but they are not showing in game. I can see the engrams in my .ini file but not in my inventory, they are the vintage furniture, the corpse locator and the egg and poop collector. I am clearly missing something but can't find any "complete" step -by-step instructions on the internet. I also would like S+ but the Workshop page has a lot of configuration files but no instructions. Can anyone direct me to any good tutorials for this? I'm very familiar with expert mode.

  • Thank you for your response. I've read in numerous places that this is possible, but after reading your post i did more research and, as you already know, you are right. Which is why i couldn't find any good tutorials lol. Also, i was going to argue that i don't have any S+ features on any of my maps, but again, you prompted me to do further research and i see that it is partially integrated. And lastly, i do alreadhave corpse locator enabled, the mod i want helps locate your corpse and retrieve your inventory when you can't. So i can't add mods.......well that kinda sucks. I do have pc version of ark via Steam, i wonder if i can work around this using that? Like perhaps change my servers to PC to manage them but still be able to play on xbox via cross platform? Do you have any idea? Because i'd also like to try making my own mods. Thank you for your time.

  • If you convert your servers to PC, the XBox users will not be able to connect. CrossPlatform + Mods is not available.

    Until Microsoft and Sony unlocks this.

    You can only heavily config your ini's as already mentioned, but you will not have the benefit of mods.


    Changed the title of the thread from “Nitrado server need tutorial for mods” to “Xbox Mods for ARK?”.