Ark: Connection TImeout/ Server won't restart

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  • Hi everyone. I bought a server from Nitrado today and so far I have been unable to join the server whatsoever.

    I have;

    Verified game files

    Deleted all mods

    Unsubscribed from all mods

    Reinstalled the server

    Restarted my pc

    Restarted my router

    It seems like nothing I do will solve the problem. I was getting constant timeout connections but then I deleted all mods and redownloaded and I got past the loading screen and then got timeout connection error on the black screen just before the game loads. Thats the closest i've gotten to logging on as of yet.

    Also to make matters worse I cant even restart the server. I try to restart and eventually have to force stop and then force start to even make the server appear on my list.

    Please, somebody, ANYBODY help me because the frustration of this is not worth paying for.