Extending Server Subscription

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  • Hi

    My server is up for its first renewal tomorrow at about 4 pm. When I make the payment is the extension granted immediately, or is there normally a delay for it to go through? Also, if I increase the number of slots when I extend my service, does that cause any delay to the extension of the service?

    I ask as I won’t be in a position to extend (including the increase in slots) until 12 noon tomorrow, some four hours before the server extension is actually due. Is this enough time?

    Thank you.


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  • You can do it any time. Just some things to keep in mind:

    - an upgrade can be done when ever you want. it will always calculate the credit from the remaining runtime and deduct it from the new payment.

    - a downgrade will not get you the full credit from the remaining runtime, it is advised to perform a downgrade as close as possible to the end of the current runtime.

    Just go ahead and try it, you can click on "Extend" or "Change slots, runtime, or Location" and play with the sliders. At the bottom you can see the money which is needed for the upgrade / downgrade. You still have to confirm the action.

    Oh and yes, it is immediately.

    Edit: Just in case you can't make it within time, don't worry, the server will go into standby for 7 days. Within this time you can pay again and the server will start again. If you decide not to pay, the server will be deleted after 7 days.

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