Auto restart 3 times today every 6 hours about

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  • Hi I have had alot servers but first time this is happening my server usually restarts once a day an no problem with that an always at same time each day now I've had this one for one day an it's 3rd time not post by any progress but makes me worry I will as others have posted online they have it's hosted in New York everytime I call nitrado there closed I called every hour one day for 15 hours an seems they were closed an only open for 4 your period I need help an calling isn't working apparently so trying here can anyone help me I've had many servers an my genesis server works fine with daily restart now I started prim plus on island an it's doing this an I want to add 2 maps to cluster them to prim but not if I can't fix this issue an everyone posting online seems to have issues with New York servers for last 2 years seem to always have this issue there's no lag surprisingly as every server I've had was almost unplayable an lagged an DC 15 times a day at least now this server works great other then it says server shut down in 60 seconds even though I have it set at 90 seconds still won't give me 90 seconds so everyone panics to get to safe location an once is bad enough a day as I seem to always be on when it happens on other servers but now 3 times today in last 15 hours the server is less then one day old I don't think it needs that many restarts a day