Multiple server issues

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  • I'm having multiple issues with my server. First problem is, I have been trying to connect to my ARK server for several minutes. I restarted my game after adjusting settings. I put in the password and it freezes after I click accept for around 30 seconds, then says joining server for a few seconds. After that I keep getting 3 messages. One says "Invalid server password. (Empty Password Field)". Another says "Connection Timeout". The last one says "Host Pending Connection Timeout. Lost/timedout pending connection to host". Second problem is, whenever my friend and I have actually been able to connect to the server, we get weird lag/freeze spikes whenever we type anything or transfer things from inventory to dinos or when searching for items/engrams, which lasts anywhere from a few seconds to almost a minute. We've never had this issue before, any idea what's causing it?

  • Hello

    I'm sorry you are having connection issues. Have you both tried to do a fresh install if the server is a new server? You will lose progress if you do a reinstall of the server.

    If you don't want to do a fresh reinstall I would suggest submitting a support ticket and have support take a look at it.

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