Plank and Log Event Spawns

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  • Hello, I am looking for help to complete the code for log and plank spawns.

    I tested log and plank spawns initially for 5 "PileofWoodenPlank" spawns near my location successfully. I spawned in 5 logs and 20 stacks of 10 planks. Thinking it worked, I added the rest of the spawn locations and upped the amount of log and plank spawns to 999 so that they could spread equally among all the 294 possible locations. After going on and looking it doesn't appear to have worked because none of the other locations had any logs or planks. The initial location still had the initial 5 logs and 20 plank stacks.

    I'm positive there are no errors in the code, but i suppose a second opinion wouldn't hurt. Is there a reason it wouldn't work when adding a more spawn locations or a larger number of planks/logs?