How do I change the weather settings on my DayZ Nitrado Xbox Server?

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  • Hello,

    I actually just bought the server last night. I have already configured my day/night cycle, some item loot spawn, reboots, and a little more. I am just having issues finding information on how to configure weather settings. Just to turn the rain down a little bit.

    I have found posts from 2 months ago that talk about how these settings aren't available to us yet, is this still the case? Or can I find them in some directory somewhere?

    Any information would be helpful.


  • Weather is not adjustable on console without init.c access

    How do we gain access?

    If it is not adjustable on Console without access, does anyone have any tips to help combat the weather?

    Suggestions like; increasing water proof gear spawns (what items should i decrease before I start adding more loot elsewhere?)

    Am I able to adjust how easy it is for players to get sick due to wet clothes? Damp food?

    Is there any way to get around how bad the rain is?

  • It was available for a while or with a workaround or something (was slightly before my time with this), but they patched out whatever gave access because, while that's a key file for modding, there's a high potential for breaking things on console servers with people modding it. Is my understanding, at least. Don Sibley has a couple of videos about it on YouTube if you want to learn more. We are all hoping to eventually get access to it again because it's the "key to the castle" so to speak for so many things, but I'm not aware of any confirmation that we will. So we will have to see.

    That said, in my experience as a player, the best way to deal with rain is to either seek shelter asap and just wait it out or to keep a heat source in a pants or jacket slot (active heat pack, cooked steak, cooked fish, or cooked fat) to offset the temperature drop, keep a vitamin dose active to reduce the chance of catching a cold, and eat extra food to offset the accelerated calorie consumption from being cold. So you might approach what you are doing by making those things more available. I've never found raincoats to be that effective because your pants and hat still get wet and the loss of storage by using it and carrying it around makes it impractical. Some of the military clothing (cuu?) is specifically less absorbent and will stave off the effects of rain in the beginning, but eventually that is soaked too if you stay out in it.


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