Not all objects

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  • Hey, everybody,

    I have just taken a new server on 7 Days to Die, I put the map proposed by Nitrado namely RGW.

    However, I notice in normal mode that I don't have access to all the items available for the game, for example the Wood Frame Ramp I don't have them, the stairs I only have the wooden and Iron ones?

    It's a bit weird knowing that when you look at the 7 Days to Die Gamepedia, you can see the stone stairs but I don't see them :(

    Could somebody please explain me ?

    Thanks to all of you :)

  • they changed how some of the Items behave with one of the patches last year.
    Some Items (most Stairs, Wood/cat walks etc. ) now work kinda like the paintbrush-> equip the item and hold "R" to access the Shapes (?, not sure about the name) menu

    (should be the one on top) to select some alternate blocks.

    I think the icon in your screenshot (red circle) means you can select other shapes/blocks


  • Thank you for your answer, I'll try to see that later, thank you very much, I'll keep you posted: D So I have to put the form down? And then I use the brush, right ?

    No problem...

    and no, just equip the item/block, then open the Menu by pressing and holding "R" (just LIKE the Paintbrush, you do not need it) there you can choose the form you want.

    After that you place it where you want.

    Right now i got to do some RL stuff...i´ll post some pics how to do it in a few hours :)


    Closed the thread.