How to auto-update mods?

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  • By what I've gathered, you need access to the .bat file to script in commands that will automatically update the mods on the server, but we do not have access to the .bat file.

    How can we auto-update mods the mods are updated on Steam by their authors?

    Forcing us to manually upload mods at any hour via FTP each time the mods are updated on Steam is a huge inconvenience to not only server owners but also players since they will not be able to join. This is especially true if you wish to use several mods on your server.

    What can be done?

  • OmegaManager by CFTools is able to do.

    Google for it and read more information.

    You need a root Server to run OmegaManager, no usual rented Gameserver, because you need access to root dir and the ability to upload an .exe file.

    Not possible for Nitrado servers.