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  • Currently I am having 3 issues with my servers.

    The main one Ive just submitted a ticket for and will be awaiting a reply next month probably!

    Second issue is the loading server music continues to play once Ive loaded in to the game? sometimes it goes off after a few minutes of running around and sometimes its on for a good hour! Anyone else getting this?

    And the third issue is the admin commands are not working? I gain admin access and type in a code and the type bar simply goes blank, all in all the above issue are P**S poor to say the least especially when I run tow servers which alone cost me £20.00 yesterday to extend.

    I have been using Nitrado for some years now and never moan but this is beyond a joke! Your only advice to everything we request is submit a ticket? Well it takes the people days to respond not hours! Its a joke!

    My server wont restart, I cant use admin commands on either server and I have the stupid music running in the background.. what is the point in paying for a floored service!! :cursing:

  • Is it true that Nitrado is the only choice?? I ask because I have been hosting on Nitrado for about a month now and the support is just terrible. I am looking to find any other way to host Xbox/Win10 because we can rarely ever play. My servers haven't even been listed in the session list for the last 2 days. Are they running old versions? Who knows, it doesn't say anywhere in the Nitrado server consoles and no way to have them check for updates. I started a new server on Rag and all the saves say "The_Island", and that is when it does decide to save, which sometimes it only does every couple of days. Changed maps on one server as I was assured it would just save under a new folder, nope, lost all progress on previous map.