Question on Cluster server

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  • Some friends and I are interested in a 4 map cluster for Ark. However, we read that cluster servers are unable to use passwords. How do you prevent unwanted people from logging in your server without password protection? Or am I misunderstanding the information? I'm trying to gather info before choosing a server company.

  • Hello,

    As mentioned by Rondeau, passwords are not compatible with CrossARK travel and often can break the travel and potentially lose the character in the process, unfortunately this is the same on all hosts, as it is how it's programmed. As Rondeau, mentioned, the only thing you can do is monitor your server and ask players to show screenshots to you if anyone is being rude, we have added in the "Player Control" feature to allow customers to ban players from their web interface.

    Alternatively, if you are planning to rent a Steam PC server cluster, you can use other protections such as whitelists and exclusive join lists, but if it's for PS4/Xbox One you can use the Player Control to add unwanted users to a ban list.

  • Hey i followed the steps as well because a friend and i are clustering our servers but he has his own server (on nitrado) and i have my own server on nitrado.

    Now we did use the cluster id but its not working for us... the servers are not showing (and yes we did uncheck the password protected option and there is no password on the servers).

    I have read that it is possible to crossark with friends so its not one person with one account thats has to host all the servers, so what are we doing wrong?

    Edit: its a ps4 public servers hosted in germany

  • Hello please refer to your original post on all replies. Try not to double post for the same questions as well. Can get confusing when trying to reply to them.