Can't update private server settings - Want to change multipliers and other stuff

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  • I go into my server settings and change the settings i want to, then after i saved changes then restarted server, nothing changed.

    I then tried updating my settings again, then stopping the server, waiting over 5 mins then starting it and nothing changed.

    The settings for my server are still the ones i originally started with even though i have tried to change them and save the new ones many times, the main reason i can tell it isn't working is at first i had cross hairs off, and now i'm trying to turn them on but with no success.

    I'm on day 3 of my first nitrado server and this is a little frustrating. Any help is much appreciated.

  • Hello,

    You posted in the wrong category.

    What platform and game? I suspect ARK.

    Are you making them only in the WebUI? If so, you can make the changes, save then restart.

    If you are doing on PC server via FTP you must have the server stopped for at least 5m, then save, upload, then restart.

    If you are doing this change in the expert, you have to have the server shutdown for at least 5m, save then restart.

    You can not do WebUI and Expert. Causes issues. Should pick one or the other.