Booted from tribe and owner unable to roll back or use admin

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  • Subject about says it all. Server owner and myself have been booted from our tribe and he can't roll back or fix it with admin commands. It seems we're not the only people with this problem right now, can anyone elaborate on what's going on? Server's been live for a few weeks and this is the first time anything like this has happened.

  • hello,

    Are you guys part of a cluster or have you recently moved your character by any chance?

    I know right now there seems to be am issue going with servers this could be affecting your server restores.

    I'm not sure if its affecting admin commands as well. You should be able to force give the tribe using admin commands though.

    AdminCheat ForcePlayerToJoinTribe 112233 Tribe of Bob

    The 112233 would be replaced with your id and the tribe your tribe. This should work

  • Thanks for the quick reply. No, we haven't recently moved and no cluster, we all started fresh on this new server.

    Admin commands for force joining have been unsuccessful. He tried "give all", which got us our dinos back, but it also got all the ones not enclosed killed by our turrets. Attempts to roll back still not working. We're really hoping we didn't just lose the majority of our stuff.

  • The last time I logged in was about 10 minutes ago. Able to get in fine, but the tribe and admin problems persist. Gonna just wait it out for a bit and see if Nitrado releases some kind of statement or an all clear message. Appreciate the responses, if anything changes on our end I'll post a reply.

  • im curious about the proper admin command as well, tried everything. Eventually used "cheat taketribe" which takes everything at once, invited them in and left. Luckily I use a silver Xbox account for admin stuff so my admin tribe had nothing of its own. But would be nice to have a proper method :)