New server credit for downtime?? Could not find address

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  • Have not been able to login into my server since purchase, attempted re-install, resets, fresh saves, all default settings to no avail. Submitted a support ticket but haven't heard back yet. Assuming I am not going to be able to play until this is resolved so does anyone know how to apply for credit for all this time that my server is not working? Do I need to submit a new support ticket for credit? I hate watching the time count down and I can do nothing.

  • You can see your server there and it doesnt work? I had the cant not find address issue once before too... contact support and tell them about it. They may have you do some stuff like give them your IP address etc etc so they can look at it. Thing is... when this happened before it was not a Nitrado problem.. it was ARK :( They messed something up and not everyone could log in. I dont know what the fix was but I know Nitrado can move your server to different hardware... maybe that will help.

  • Thanks for the input, yeah we can see it just fine but no one can connect. I thought it was the game at first as no CPU usage or anything was going on, so I reinstalled and then I saw the CPU usage actually moving but we still couldn't connect. I searched these forums and a few people have had the same issue and had to go to support so I took that route. Hopefully its something easy they can fix, I just hate watching my days go down, hehe.

  • Hmmmm want to remove the password and make a temp name and ill try and log in? Im on the east coast of the US... we can see it it works for me? You can just wipe it later unless you have others on there who are playing.

    I dont know how to send a pm here or id send you my xbox name and send you a message there.


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