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  • Quote

    If you want multiple realms, you need to have multiple tiles. And 1 server = 1 tile.

    This is information I wish i had before pre-ordering a server to be honest

    is there any info you can give us on what type of ini configurations will be available for the servers?

  • If you want multiple realms, you need to have multiple tiles. And 1 server = 1 tile.

    So does this mean if i want a starter tile, medium tile and hard tile to play on - I will have to rent 3 separate servers?

    Can you clarify exactly what is meant by a "Tile"?

    I am assuming that a tile is one zone (So starter, medium or hard zone). Or is a tile in fact a collection of different zones?

    If my server will only be able to run a starter tile/zone so i will forever be stuck in the starter area - what is the point of having a private server?

    Hoping I'm being really stupid here..... :)

  • 1 tile = 1 realm = 1 server. Cant really explain more than that.

    Its how Atlas works if you are familiar with that game.

    Firstly - thanks for taking the time to respond Doagen :)

    I'm not familiar with Atlas (Obviously I know the game but have never played it)

    In Last Oasis you start in a starter zone - the tutorial guides you (after about an hour or so's play) to move onto a medium zone. once you have left the starter zone you cannot return to a starter zone, you can only move between medium and hard zones.

    So if you are saying that a Tile = either a starter/medium or hard zone then there is absolutely no point in having a private server as it also states you can only have one server per steam account.

    Forgive me as this is not meant to be flaming in any way at all - have you played Last Oasis so you know what I mean?

    Someone on steam has said a Tile = 1 starter, 1 medium and 1 hard zone - which is fine. But others say different.

    Sorry to keep on about this :) again, thanks for trying to help clarify!

  • I guess the terminology is throwing everyone for a loop, I have talked with the Devs and according to them their current setup is that every Hex is run by a separate server....

    So what I believe we want to know is on a rented server will that only include one Hex.... because if im looking at it one Hex on a board game would be one "tile" or at least that is the assumption. I understand that you are working with the Devs to get the servers up and running, and i would like to say that since there have already been projected release dates that have been moved multiple times now, that the servers are far enough along to be able to get a straight answer on here is the question if you have to ask the Devs directly please do but if you do not honestly already know the answer to this question i will seriously be losing all confidence in you as a server hosting company

    What does one get with a rented server, i.e. are there multiple hexes to encompass at least one easy, one medium and one hard hex or is there only one Hex that will be available.

    To say at this point that you don't know just tells me the servers are months away from being available because this is basic configuration for the servers, this would need to be known when determining the resources the system would need, how many hexes, how resource intensive are they (hard drive space, ram usuage, processor requirement, can it be virtualized for multiple servers on one hardware server, what type of database are you including, what is the projected size of the database structure)..... all considerations that would have to be in place to even determine if hosting a server for this game is viable and cost effective.....

    So when i hear i cant really explain more than that.... no offense I am a programmer and DBA and i know better, i work on projects for multi million dollar server farms and i know what goes into the planning stages and the execution.... so please just give us a straight forward answer on this

  • Created the Last Oasis section on the forum, additionally pinned this thread and gave it the Mega-Thread label!

    I'll be sure to update you all on the forum when we have information we're allowed to share :)

    Otherwise, moderators, please keep all questions related to release date and how servers would work to this thread. (Any other thread topics about last oasis are fine on other threads ^^ )