Server wont shut down or restart

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  • So i stopped my server to make some changes. once the web interface said that the server had stopped, I made and saved my changes. I went to start the server and it just never made it past restarting server. turns out the server never shut down at all, even before I made the changes. I cannot get the server to stop so I can restart it. If i stop the server from the web interface, it will say that the server is stopped. However, the server is still accessible and none of the changes have been implemented. No matter what I do the server won't actually shut down, nor will it restart.

    the only new code I added was OverrideOfficialDifficulty=10.0 to GameUserSettings.ini. The only other changes I made were already established code relating to player stat changes.

  • After a few minutes, a force-stopp button should appear. Press it and it should stopp the server.

    It this botton does for what ever reason not appear and you can't stopp the server please contact the support.

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