Need immediate assistance from a Nintrado Rep regarding server issue.

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  • So I run a number of Nintrado Ark servers. I set up a new PC server two days ago, and as of today, it's still not visible on Steam (while my other PC server works fine). I know how to add it to Steam server favorites, I know how to set up the server to be seen in-game. It's just not showing up. After repeated reboots, I reinstalled the entire thing. Still nothing.

    Okay, so here comes my second problem and the source of my greater irritation. I try to submit a service ticket. The website won't let me because no one ever closed two of my old Atlas service tickets. These existed because I spent weeks trying to get an Atlas server cluster to work properly on Nintrado, including numerous tickets and calls. They could never get it to run reliably, so I killed the servers. Five months later, those tickets were still open. So I marked them as "solved", thinking it might let me do a new ticket (on a different game and server btw). No, still no ability to submit support tickets.

    Fine then. I'll call the service number.

    When you call in, you get a short message telling you to call back later because they're busy. I'm not kidding. No voicemail, no putting you on hold to wait.

    I rent several servers every month, but even if it was just one, this would be unacceptable. Even if you're understaffed/overworked/etc, you need to have systems running to take service tickets properly.

    Please respond and fix my issue promptly. The same for everyone else. If you're still going to take our money, you need to still provide some modicum of a working service and customer support. Thank you.

  • Hello Goldkillswitch

    I'm sorry that this was happening could you please try to submit another ticket it should be all taken care of and those old tickets should now be closed.

    Please let me know that it worked.

    Also it seems you're having a crash stack error related to on of your mods. We unfortunately don't do support when its mod related. I would suggest removed the mod and add it again to see if this fixes the issue. If it doesnt the mod is most likely the issue.

    Crashtack shows the mod in question: 1814953878

    Also you can find this info in your server logs as well.

  • Thank you for the response! I took out the offending mod and re-added it, so we'll see if that fixes the issue. If not, I'll try it without the mod altogether, though it's a common one I use on other servers without issue. If I have more problems, I'll submit a ticket and let you know. Thank you again for the help.