How long does it take for the Nitrado support team to answer my question

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  • I recently changed my server from ark survival evolved to minecraft server, but my new server just keep restarting, it get the error : "FAILED TO BIND TO PORT". As far as I know, I can't change the port myself, so I contacted support but 2 days have passed without an answer. So my question is:

    1. Normally how long does it take ?
    2. Can i cancel my services ?

    Thank you

  • Hello, sorry you have issues.


    Cannot really say how long does it take as the Forum Moderators have no access to see the queue.

    And yes, you may. You have to create a ticket for that.

    In the meantime, you could do a reinstall of the server w/Minecraft. That may actually work.

  • Thanks, i just hate to have my friends waiting. Some people on reddit advised me not to use nitrado for minecraft but my previous server ark works very well so i ignored and set up minecraft server anyway, guess i should have listened.