Server restart when people join, and randomly restart

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  • Hey :)

    I have this issue with the server is running and if someone want to join it restarts, but after that we can join. After playing between 10-30 min the server just restarts again without any warning or us doing anything. I have seen other posts about this, but no solution so far.

    Do anyone have an idea to an solution? I have created a ticket, but would be awesome to solve this asap.

    Kind regards,


  • Hi there ,

    it may be a Problem with the Mods you installed

    or Nitrado has got a Problem with the Server your Server is hosted on.

    Check if a complete(!!) reinstall and joining w/o any Mods helps, if not write the Support and ask if they can move your Server to another Hardware



    Aunt Edit asked me to say you should reinstall 7DTD-Clients too.