Questions about renting a Dayz server!

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  • Hey, new here looking to have a few questions answered about renting a server for dayz.
    How long after purchasing would the server be available?
    Can I customize the server? Like loot spawn and day/night times.
    Can the server be passworded so only me and friends can access?
    Looking to get a server for me and buddies because I enjoy more of the survival aspect of the game vs the PVP aspect. I play on a few PVP servers but would really like a server for myself really.

  • Hi, I can't answer many of those questions, but I believe I can answer two of them:

    How long after purchasing would the server be available?

    - It usually only takes a few minutes, but just be aware that over the past few days new customers have been waiting for 24 hours or more for their servers to activate. This is, I believe, due to an influx of new customers. I guess this is because so many people are staying home from work now, and, of course, all the bin lids are off school. So I guess people are renting servers now that they have lots of spare time. So activations are taking a lot longer. The Nitrado server status confirms the activations are slow due to the rise in number of customers.

    Can the server be passworded?

    - I don't play Days on my server, I play Ark. But I can password protect my server.


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  • after purchase anywhere from 5mins to 2 hours in my experience.

    Dayz for XB1 can be modded, plenty of guides on youtube etc. slightly modded my own server, upped the loot tables etc.

    Day night cycle is probably the hardest thing to work out, its based on time multipliers, but again plenty of easy to follow guides on youtube, dayzwiki etc

    Server can be password protected , i however use "whitlisting" as it saves a few mins of entering it.

    On a side note, private servers are perfect for the survival side and avoiding PvP a**holes. i am however having issues with my server where i cannot connect (connection timeout) and it has been over a week a since i submitted a support request and not heard back from Nitrado