Ps4 can I move my single player pve island to a rented pve unofficial server ?

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  • I’ve spent almost an hour trying to find the answer to this, so any help is greatly appreciated. Basically I have a single player world on the island map that I’ve spent countless hours building, me and a couple friends are tired of being tethered together when they want to join in, so if I rent a server is it possible to move either my entire game world (structures and such) to the rented server or can I move my Dino’s, items, and character through some sort of transfer? I’ve never transferred from one map to the next, I have rented a server in the past just never tried to move anything before. I’m not trying to move anything to an official server, just want a way for us to play together non tethered and not have to restart everything I’ve done.. is this possible?

  • you can upload your dinos to the obelisks on the map or through a drop. You cant moved worlds though on console.

    What you can do is have everyone upload the dinos and then once you start the server you can allow dino downloads be warned though this can also allow people that have spawned and uploaded their single player dinos to be brought onto the map.

    You can also enable creative mode for say a day and allow your community to build back up to where they were. Does take the fun out of the start of the game though.