Reset to day 0, and can't find server on PC

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  • Hi,

    After the server update a few hours ago, I have two issues:

    1) I cannot see the server when I'm on my Windows 10 store version of the game.

    Yes, crossplay is enabled in my server setting.

    2) On Xbox, I can see the server and login, BUT it has been reset to day 0.

    My hotbar is still filled with the ghosted (not in inventory) items I had equipped.

    My map markers are still there, but NOTHING else. Everything is gone.

    I don't want to mess with loading a save because due to the other issue, I don't want to make anything worse if this is on Nitrado's end.

    *edit* I have submitted support tickets for each issue.

    Anybody else having similar problems:?:


  • I am not sure of the reliability of this answer, but over on the Ark Twitter page, people are complaining of the same thing. It seems that because Ark Xbox and PC are cross-platform compatible, when one of those two platforms has an update, then the servers are locked out on both whilst the other platform awaits the same update. Though I do play Ark on Xbox, I have only ever played in on Solo/local modes, so I have no experience of servers on PC/XBox Ark. I have only played server games on PS4 Ark.


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  • I have this same problem and just patched but still am reset to day 0. Is there a time for the servers to restore to their normal state once more people have downloaded the new Windows client?