manipulating the cuddle interval for animal breeding

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  • I have a 2x2 that I have been mucking around with the settings for animal breeding. Current test animal is a bear.

    i have these settings in the game and GameUserSettings ini files because i am not sure which one they go in:










    What i am currently getting is very rapid mating speed, rapid gestation, fairly quick growth of the baby. What my question is about is regarding the cuddle/care timer, it is locked at 8 hours regardless of what i do to those commands above I cannot get it to be longer or shorter. Anyone have any advice? Thank you.

  • Hello.

    The baby cuddle interval multiplier is what should change that. 1 is the default anything lower than one should make that cuddling time much quicker. Have you tried lowering it to say .6

    Make sure to stop the server save the changes and then restart the server with the updated settings. Sometimes it does weird thing when you're making a lot of changes at once.

  • yes i tried those things. I did actually figure it out though, the problem that i did not account for was that if the thing i am trying to change is not in the gui on the general webpage and you enter it manually in and ini on just the main server files those extra commands DO NOT replicate thru the expansion servers. The folks from the support ticket system were kind enough to explain that to me. So i put my changes in the expansions as well as the main and now I am actually seeing tangible evidence of adjustments. I just wanted to acknowledge that you replied to my question thank you for that.