The ark server does not respond to my server settings

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  • My server does not respond to my server settings. I have no server password but when I try to get in to the ark mobile server it will say “incorrect password please enter the correct password” without the option to type the password. Then, I started changing the servers settings and put a simple server password 1234 but when I clicked to join and put in the password it said the same thing. After around 6 hours my description of “please stop tinkering with my server” finally sets in after completely ignoring server settings 6 hours ago. Please help me out. I spent money on this server. :(
    it also has completely different descriptions and settings on the ark app itself and cannot be changed by the Nitrado app.

  • I have been doing that and seems ok now.
    but sometimes it changes back to weird settings and sometimes it is just a visual glitch at the info area. Cause when actually in the server it is normal.