Hub Cell Data

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  • I have been having a graphical issue that is a little strange since reinstalling my server and generating a new world. As you can see in the image, there is a strange cliff edge in the world. As you approach it, you see the terrain actually reveal the real game world terrain. Sometimes it's a valley in the distance, that turns into a mountain as you approach, sometimes it's a mountain, sometimes it isn't there at all.

    Everything I have read leads to a conflict of hub cell data from the old game world and the newly generated one. Problem is, there's no way that I can see to access the saved game info on the server. located in C:\SERVICES\ni3296024_1_SHARE\ftproot\7daystodie\Saves per the server config file.

    Can someone please advise on whether they have seen this before, if they know how to fix it, etc?