Server crashing repeatedly; can't play game; too many mods? "Server not responding"; unaddressed support ticket

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  • Hi. I am Roselle, co-manager of the ARK server we've just rented. We have been trying to log on since Saturday, and keep finding the server freezes while starting or shortly after starting. Steam client bootstrapper consistently says "Server not responding", and we have never seen our server in the ARK list. Direct start fails, too, due to inability to connect to the specified server. (I know how to set it up in the launch options, with the password and such.)

    I've tried a number of fixes and searched diligently for solutions, but nothing helps. I opened a support ticket Saturday and added a few updates as I attempted various fixes. I have also reinstalled ARK. Same behaviour afterward.

    The one time we were able to log on via the Steam client bootstrapper, it was with zero mods installed. The server seems to hang when mods are in.

    I admit I want to run a lot of mods--50, in fact. Here they are:

    I have tried paring it down by a handful, but that's the best I can manage. I don't like to play without these.

    We ran nearly this many mods a couple years ago when we rented the lowest-tier server. No problems then. This time, we're renting the professional server, so I thought it should handle our load at least as well as my own rig. Not sure now. Is anyone else on a professional-tier server successfully running fifty mods?

    I run these on my singleplayer game without issue, so I do not think there are conflicts.

    How long should we wait for someone to address our support ticket? Does support operate over the weekend? I assumed they operate on business days.

    I am extremely discouraged. Would appreciate useful advice or stories. I apologize if there is any information I neglected to post; please tell me if I can elaborate. Thank you for your time.

  • That is a bit extreme for running mods. Generally if server runs fine w/o mods that might be what support advises.

    But also be aware since the update to Genesis which also affected the CORE ARK game, many mods are running sluggish or just too old to run with the newer code.

    You may have to visit each mod workshop and see what others are reporting. S+ already has issues. I see some other mods on your list that have been known to cause issues. structure saver is one of them only as an example. Until the DevKit is released, not much for mod support from the Community is available other than what and what does not work.