"Unable to connect to world" Brand new server

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  • Good morning,

    I just got a new Nitrado server set up for Minecraft (Vanilla) yesterday and have not been able to log in. I just get a red dot for the server status in my list and if i try to connect, get a mesage that reads "Unable to connect to world".

    I have ensured that the server IP and port number are correct.

    I am able to ping the server from the computer i am trying to connect with, and am able to use WINSCP to browse the files over FTP. I have also made sure that the server version matches the version i have installed on my machine.

    I am using a Windows 10 PC with the Microsoft (non-java) edition of the game.

    Any thoughts on what else i can check?

    Thanks much

    EDIT TO ADD: I have also disabled anti-virus software as well as my firewall to no avail. I am able to connect to other, public Minecraft servers just fine.

  • are you running the windows 10 version or minecraft (bedrock)? You would need to switch the server to minecraft bedrock edition.

    Vanilla minecraft can only be connected via the java edition of minecraft.

    oh. my. god. i'm such an idiot lol. i know nothing about minecraft and was trying to get this setup for some people. thats all it was. :|

    thanks so much!