Holiday Events Not Working On All Servers

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  • I currently host two of my own servers one of which is clusters with another group. On my private server I have the event set to Easter and there are colored dinos spawning. On the cluster we have tried setting several of the events to active and even tried coding them in expert settings with no luck. Is this a Wild Card issue or a Nitrado issue? Any help would be greatly appreciated! We love hunting for our colored dinos!

  • Hello,

    The forum has a feature where you can search for related topics. This question has been answered several times. Sorry you missed it.

    Basically Nitrado only has it as an off/on switch. WC controls its content/whether it works.

    It also had been reported it broke for many when Genesis was released. Official ARK forums have posts of that as well.

  • Same issue here, i have 3 maps and none of the events are working. After Genesis was released then all the events stopped working. i tried to call nitrado multiple times but they say its on Wild Cards side not theirs

    So guess we gotta wait a few years then it will prop work again who knows