Server crash loop after 2nd day of service

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  • I have been seeing this report on this forum far too often lately and I wanted to be part of the herd (pun intended for ARK).

    Only after the 2nd of our 30-day server, we have been subjected to this case, it is now the third day and we are still unable to play the game. This has put a complete halt on our gameplay and it seriously hinders our willingness to continue.

    I have submitted a support ticket, it was 22 hours before this post, I have yet to receive any feedback from the support. Some other posts made on this forum are very clear in implying not to trust the Nitrado support, but I truly hope it is not the case and have faith, still, almost a full day and no support is kind of discouraging.

    Currently, the only mod we are using is "Minor Stacks" however we have been using it since the creation of the server, so I assume it may not be related.

    Before the occurrence of non-stop unplayable crashes yesterday, no changes were made to the server to observe as a potential reason. After the crashes occurred, I did change a couple of settings to make them more optimized so that it may work, alas, no change in the frequency of crashes.

    I am here on the forums to hopefully receive the support I need from at least the community while waiting for the actual support to actually happen.

    Crashlog shows the following error:

  • i have the same problem, don`t know how fix it, if a moderator could see this to help us... i send a ticket and they didn`t respond me... i and my friends are too furious with the service, we want our money back

  • Hello

    Unfortunately we as moderators do not have access to your servers or accounts. This is a community support forums. We can only go so far as to helping work though most issues some however require the help of support. Tickets can take 24 usually sometimes a little longer to be answered. Please make sure you voice your concerns and send as much Info I your ticket as possible.