Server dont work

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  • My server is stuck in restarting... always some issue it seems and I wish there was another place to rent servers, I’d be there in a heartbeat. This is crazy how much problema there have been in the short time I’ve had my server and to hear others not being able to play for months or weeks makes me sick to think!

  • Hi Krisshoffa WTF didn't know that the support of this site was bad, thankfully I rented it just for testing. Do you know any other website that I can rent?

    Nah, I don't know. I am new to renting servers and so far it is no good *lol* It worked fine for a month, then something changed and made everything go down the hill real bad. I'm also open for suggestions to better ARK server providers. Still I gonna give it one more chance, have alot invested in my server - alot of gameplay time.

  • I am a volunteer for Nitrado and I have used the servers for over 3yrs. And I have used several other hosting companies (even had my own back in the day). Personally I feel all hosts have their own issues. But in this case it seems to have been from multiple sources. And still is. PCs have it with mods atm since devkit is not out. PCs and consoles have issues due to WC and the game itself. I am sure other things exist. The point I am trying to make is that this is not normal. But sadly for every new DLC something happens. Hang in there if you can. It should work itself out. In nearly all cases, contact Support. Worse comes to worse ask for the server to be move if they feel its HW related.

    Thank you for your patience.