Server Stuck In Restart

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  • Hello its been a week my server got up and down, stuck in restart and unavalible to join etc etc.

    Now its totaly stuck in the restart mode. can you look at this? And to who should a contact for getting a refund for this "week of madness". im not angry im aware that problem is common for everyone. One day is okay with problems but one week is 1/4 of a mounth and for that i want a refund. i know you work hard on this and hope you find a fix for it soon.

    // Thomas Schreiber<3

  • im also having restart loop. I can play and tame/breed/builled but when i sign out to go to bed or work and log in the next day it rolls back and don't have the tames or anything I did the day before.. ive restarted server and stopped the server and nothing seems to work. Ive tried to search this problem but haven't found anything. this is the 2 day now its been in a loop. but also I had my server crash and whipped and had a 30min timer on sunday (march 8th) and then on the 9th I when to the saved data backup and loaded the game back up and seemed to work again with all my stuff and others on the server. but for the last 2 days I log in it sets all of us back to when I loaded the saved backup data in a loop. none of us know why this is happening and they guys on the server are getting upset because of this.

    is anyone else having these problems and know how to fix this. ( everything seemed to be fine before the genesis update then this happened)

  • I renewed my server subscription yesterday and have been stuck in a server restart loop. I submitted a support ticket over 24 hours ago and have still not got a reply. I can't even find the server anymore