High CPU Usage & Continuous Server Crashes

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  • Well a couple of hours into it and it has seemed to help.

    Ping is now the "normal" 25-35 with a few 85+ thrown in

    Still show a difference in the CPU usage, 85% on one and sub 25% on the graph

  • I have just received support for the same problem and the support fixed it completely and they also reimbursed the lost amount of time by extending the service. I have to say I am very pleased with the general outcome. It took exactly 3 days for the support to respond to the problem, I know it can be intimidating to see no response in short amount of time, but I would like to state that the support is actually reliable and they are kindly making up for the lost duration.

    Make sure to submit a ticket, and be patient. Their support function was under maintenance so that was potentially the reason for the delay, I assume you will not have such a problem soon.