Support Ticket Query

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  • How long does it take for any response via a support ticket. I raised one over 2 days ago as our rented server for my autistic daughter has beenn uanble to connect for over a week and almost 2. she is besides herself as all her structures will have decayed. And we only purchased a rented server so she can play in a safe environment without being attacked.

  • Hello

    Tickets usually get answered in the order they're received. Usually within. 24 hours however it could take longer depending on how many tickets are currently in the system.

    The best thing would be to shut the server off while you're waiting for the ticket to be answered so that her stuff doesnt decay. You can also if it's just her playing on the server give access to creative mode so she can get all her buildings and stuff back.

  • would if it would connect even the app does't connect to it

    Yeah its just her

    OOO when its up and running I'll ask how to do that xx thank you

    she just has black and white thinking xyou've paid for a service, there's a problem, you raise a ticket they fix ti xxx I've kinda fallen down at the they read the ticket bit atm lol