Wooden log type code

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  • Does anyone know the filename for the wooden logs in DayZ on PS4? Asking because we removed all the raidtools from the game so there will never be a way to destroy bases and we want to spawn in the wooden logs instead of trusting people on the internet i dont know personally with hatchets, i would simply never do that.

  • WoodenLog on PC,

    Should be the same on PS4.

    there are no blanks in filenames.

    Thank you im trying WoodenLog again, this time by also adding it into types.xml, maybe that works. My event.xml file is:

    <event name="ItemSpawn1">









    <flags deletable="0" init_random="0" remove_damaged="1"/>





    <child lootmax="0" lootmin="0" max="1" min="1" type="WoodenLog"/>



  • I wish i could say it worked, but it seems to be hidden under another filename maybe in some other file, it baffles me lol, anyway im changing crafted to 0 on next server restart so it should look like this in the types.xml file as well:

    <type name="WoodenLog">








    <flags count_in_cargo="0" count_in_hoarder="0" count_in_map="1" count_in_player="0" crafted="0" deloot="0"/>

    <category name="tools"/>


  • Nominal 0 means no Logs spawning.

    Set min and nominal (max) values.

    The nominal value doesnt matter in cases such as this (You can use Planks or PileOfWoodenPlanks as some examples), however i found out the problem, it was simpler than i thought.

    I tried WoodenLog first, then every variation of it to spawn in as an event, didnt work. Ive used the exact same coordinates to test out other items if they are working, successfully. I suspect the wooden log was simply too big to be placed there, so i moved the coordinates slightly and it worked :D
    Basebuilders now get airdrop with wooden logs to basebuild, which is the only way for them to get wooden logs, by request.

    And in addition to that, ive found out the lifetime value on the BearTrap (LandMine should work too the same way) matters after you place it, my deployed beartrap stays for a week after deployed on the ground, someone told me it would never work, but it did, oh how this changes the game!

  • Yes I would agree, but it goes against its own logic sometimes so there could be exceptions. Theres a whole range of jeans and joggingshoes with nominal values set to 0 which im pretty sure ive seen around a lot, the category and tag name is also set, but those items could be part of events somehow and thats why i remember seeing them around, unless im completely wrong, but i havent done too much with them as for now.

    But i removed "WoodenLog" from types.xml file so its not defined there at all, even though it was never there to begin with.

  • If you set nominal to zero for selected items the ones being already on the server stay there even after a restart and have to vanish after a period of time, called lifetime.

    Once they vanished they never spawn again in normal loottable places, if nominal is set to zero.

    No doubt.

    But they will still spawn at helicrashes and police car wrecks by events, if they are called there.

  • And in the cfgsrandompresets.xl file unless they are removed from there too. But the jeans and joggingshoes i mentioned has always been 0 by default, which is why i think they are spawning in bc of other events, like i.e. in nearby buildings close to a zombie herd or other misc events, but yeah i agree thats the general rule when it comes to items spawning in the world, unless its set to spawn in cargo and such, not normal lootable places as u say.

    Ive removed all the lines under the flag counts on all the raidtools, as well as setting nominal and such to 0, gone through the other files to make sure they dont spawn inside cargo, on zombies or anywhere else, waited a few hours and nobody has seen any raidtools since:)

  • Same exception goes for Small Stones, even if you set nominal to 0 they will still spawn everywhere in the world all over the place, unless you deactivate the events called "TrajectoryStones", which you should deactivate anyway bc theres currently no use for small stones in the game at all. They simply exist to make ur car crash and kill everyone inside. Same with the hens, theres no need for them and they lag up the servers in towns where they spawn.

  • Sorry if i wasnt clear enough:) What i mean is that there is no urgent use for certain items, small stones being one of them. Ive found zombies with stone knifes i think, but there are multiple items u have to craft, but they can also be set to spawn around the map instead. Lets say if you remove all raidtools, then u cant make wooden logs or large stones without pickaxe, but you can make so they spawn on the map instead to remove the need for certain items you may not want on your server. F.ex. i have set large stones to spawn in the farm category because there are no pickaxes on the server.

    And i think some events use a lot of resources, i cant confirm for a fact removing stones helped, but at least it doesnt hurt, and removes the chance of them making ur car spin and kill you, also i cant confirm if thats why car flip sometimes on dirt roads, but hey, worth a shot! No apologies needed!