Wooden log type code

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  • Hey BlaXztorm (or anyone) were you successful at getting more than one log to spawn with this event? I'm still playing around with it but as of now I can only get one log to spawn at a time. Thanks

  • The nominal value doesnt matter in cases such as this (You can use Planks or PileOfWoodenPlanks as some examples), however i found out the problem, it was simpler than i thought.

    I tried WoodenLog first, then every variation of it to spawn in as an event, didnt work. Ive used the exact same coordinates to test out other items if they are working, successfully. I suspect the wooden log was simply too big to be placed there, so i moved the coordinates slightly and it worked :D
    Basebuilders now get airdrop with wooden logs to basebuild, which is the only way for them to get wooden logs, by request.

    And in addition to that, ive found out the lifetime value on the BearTrap (LandMine should work too the same way) matters after you place it, my deployed beartrap stays for a week after deployed on the ground, someone told me it would never work, but it did, oh how this changes the game!

    So how exactly did you get the logs to spawn? I got planks just need logs