Ark Server Keeps Crashing and I have to constantly Restart It

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  • Hello,

    I just recently bought a server for me and my friends. However, we have run into an issue where the server randomly crashes throughout the day, and we have to manually restart it to fix it. We made the server auto restart at certain intervals thinking it would help. The server still freezes and kicks everyone out. Our only solution has been manually restarting it. It has been happening so often, that it discourages us to play at times. Thanks for helping out.

  • Hello

    We are aware of the restarting and crashing issue. Its is being worked on. I do not have an ETA at the moment.

    It's been more then two days since the issue has been posted on the server admin interface and almost 24 hours since its been acknowledged here. Is there an eta yet? I've lost quite a bit of time and game resources to this known technical issue. Not playing seams to be the best option for those who participate on my server and it makes me question why I'm paying for a service I cannot use. Any additional information on the issue would be most helpful.

  • Oddly enough, I wasn't haven't this issue on my server until after they posted the issue being known. You mention that it should be fixed now, but I still show the message up on my dashboard. If it was fixed, why would the message still be there?

    Side note, I'm still having the issue. Crashing, stuck restarting. Finally forcing a stop and restart. Cycle repeats periodically. Net result is its not playable right now.

  • The message is a manual 'activate/deactivate' thing.

    You can try a force shutdown and restart. If that fails, did you make any recent changes? If so, remove the changes then restart.

    If you are running mods for say like ARK- check the Steam workshop and see if that mod has folks reporting issues.

    To contact Nitrado Support, please submit a ticket or give them a skype call during their open phone hours.

    When submitting include platform and game, and any related info to advise what you have done already.

    Link: Support |

    Thank you.

  • This is still a big problem and not fixed like your reporting. You say to contact support but they never reply. I call the phone number and your support just says they have to send it teir 2. 4 days now and still no reply. The server randomly crashing or self restarting or memory issues have been happening since launch. Maybe you guys should of worked out the bugs with WC before launching the genesis servers in the first place. Hope their will be some type of credit or compensation for console servers when this finally gets fixed because unfortunately us xb1 users have no where else to go. Must be nice for nitrado to take money and deliver halftime servers.

  • You can try a force shutdown and restart. If that fails, did you make any recent changes? If so, remove the changes then restart.

    If you are running mods for say like ARK- check the Steam workshop and see if that mod has folks reporting issues.

    Forcing a server shutdown and letting it sit for an hour is actually the only way I can manage to get back on after one of my server backflips. Characteristically, it appears to crash in game, then players are disconnected, and after several minutes are still registered as connected. After every iteration of this exercise the server does not restart from where it was but rather from up to an hour prior to its episode, which is why playing at the moment is pointless. The first time I forced a restart I rolled it back completely to when Genesis released. I've also gone through the mods on Steam workshop and found no significant indication of issues with currently running Genesis servers. My next step was going to be removing them all and adding them back in one by one to test this theory, but I was waiting on a response from the ticket that I submitted yesterday. My only question would be if it is the running mods that I have causing the issues, why is the problem so widespread enough that it is posted on the server admin interface? I'm currently running S+, super spyglass, dino tracker, and dino panels for anyone who seems to have the same issue.

    The question of compensation isn't important for me, its $13 dollars... Having the ability to reliably play an expansion that's been out for 9 days is my concern. Being part of a release is quite the experience for those that pay to have you facilitate that. It's not personal, nor am I really upset, its something new and there will always be issues. But the longer I continue to have these issues the more I consider another service.

  • Nitrado Support is the only best way to reach a resolution. Sorry.

    Moderators have no access to accounts nor servers.

    Genesis is having issues as several forum posts all over the internet. I run servers myself and community.

    Genesis is getting better with each update. But until Devkit is released, sadly fingers will point towards them. S+ has issues btw. I havent had that mod crash the servers, but I see the texture issues. Genesis changed alot of texture BPs which affects multiple maps. I run about 25 mods, and I can find at least half of them at the workshop with complaints. Nitrado provides the servers which are pretty rock solid and reliable. Personally I have used their HW for 3+ with awesome results. Its typically the game, and/or mods.

  • After removing all but S+ the instability persists. I'm really trying not to send my servers progress back nearly ten days but uninstalling S+. After removing the other mods it does not appear to me that they are the source of the issue. If that is the answer I get then that will probably be it for me with Nitrado. Oh and this in the event log cant be good...

  • Again, will need to wait for nitrado support to get back to you. Include what you have done already to help them.

    I wouldnt go about removing any more mods. Hopefully you grabbed a copy of your game before doing all of this. If you had, you could restore the server to that exact point therefor no loss.

  • The issue persists. Now I'm timing on trying to connect. I restart, then have to force a restart as it stays at "restarting", or have to force stop. It takes forever (as in an hour) to finally come back up. ...only to freeze up the minute someone logs in....and just rinse/repeat. I only use Nitrado as I normally get good service, but this is getting a bit ridiculous. I'm not on the gen. map or anything either btw.

  • well i disabled the vac, battle-eye, and switched the live event to none. .....I was at least able to log in and play for about an hour before it just froze up on me. Very possible its just a coincidence that it improved things. I'd just prefer to hear from them in regards to what, eta, or a status of some sort. Unknown and lack of communication is what drives me nuts.

  • having the same issues. server crashes. it will not stop without doing a force restart. it takes about an hour to ever restart once it ever stops. even then, you are likely going to crash again. i have lost several valuable tames to this server instability already. ticket submitted 24 hours ago and no reply.

  • Yep, I'm approaching 72 hours on my ticket. Like I said whether turning of the anti-cheating software helped some or not, I"m not sure. After I did that, it lasted about an hour before it started locking up again, the restart taking forever..and so on. just gave up with it. ...going to be fairly annoyed if this flows into my weekend play. :-(

    Nitrado is good to fix thing. Has been in the past. I'm confident it will get fixed, but am frustrated with the amount of time its taking. I don't know if its a problem that is taking more time to trouble shoot, a hardware issue, or not enough T2 resources to address the volume quickly enough. I'd honestly be willing to pay alittle more if it meant faster service (if its a matter of not enough people on-hand).

    Part of the frustration though is not knowing where the issue is. it the game or programming for unofficial servers, a firewall/security update issue on Nitrado's end, so on. ...I'd feel better about it if I at least knew where the issue centered since it's been bumped to T2 support.

    Either way, Nitrado needs to address the length of time it takes to get to the T2 tickets. I know certain periods have heavier volumes on ticket submissions, but seems like it could be accounted for a bit better.