Genesis dodoball quest (And others) isn't working !!

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  • Hi everyone,

    My tribemate and me tryed to play dodoball today, we pushed the dodo into the net but we couldn't gain any score points. Same is when you try the quest for just one player, it doesn't work. Someone else having that issue? Is it a bug ? Same for others quests... :(

  • Yes, i know, my last message has been deleted because "No bumping" but what can i do ?! I paied a server and i can't play, i tried to send a ticket but the response has been "We can't help you, post on the forum", and now ? Lot of people has seen my post and i still can't play without cheats... Then please, don't delete this message or can you rather, please, try to help me ?!

  • Correct: Support would assist if you were having Server Hardware issues. What you are describing are game issues.

    This is a Community Support Forums for gamers and admins like you and I to assist each other with Q&A if we can.

    I would suggest going to the Official WC/ARK forums to post. It is a game issue/bug.

    You could try a reinstall, or check your INI config if you modified it. The events work fine on my genesis server.