serveur restart alone all day long and lost all pvp mod progress ,also not have option to choose VANILA to post thread !!

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  • arma 3 vanila server restarst alone all time aboàut 2,3 timle per day ,its start very annoying,we cant play PVP,my team not belive me,i pass for an idiot who not know how to run a serveur,when it will be fixed?..i should even have a commercial gesture ,its the minimum.. when sent a ticvket they ask me proof,but on my interface the restart log just record the restart i done manually..its full boring,cant play a PVP mission/mod...its about 15 days already every day..sometime restarting 1 time sometimes 5 times,it make run away people who starting to come regulary to play on my serveur and if not that problem i will have to rent more slot for next month,but now..i have to rent back in 3 day ,i will cant take more slot,i also look other serveur compagnie,because,no thread,no information,nothing.

    only 1 times i got a message directly on my interface thatg they know about the issue and that i have to click on the button if i want to be updated by any resolve..but its 10 days ago and i receive not any update and i repeat in ticket support ,they react like they not know about the problem .

    thank you,but i can tell you on Arma every people talk bad about Nitrado,if you want to survive i think you should care more your customers with all my polite form 'sorry i am french,and my english is bad and i writting angry)

  • Corsicasia

    Changed the title of the thread from “serveur restart alone all day long and lost all pvp mod progress ,also not hjave option to choose VANILA in the tread !!” to “serveur restart alone all day long and lost all pvp mod progress ,also not have option to choose VANILA to post thread !!”.
  • Bonjour,

    Le soucis rencontré ne peux être résolu sur le forum, il est d'ordre technique, merci de contacter le support et d'attendre un réponse de leur part concernant le soucis qui pourrait provenir de la machine. (rien de sûr mais selon vos dires ça y ressemble.)

    Ayant un serveur Arma 3 qui tourne depuis maintenant plus de 4 ans sans soucis. Il y a de fortes chance que cela soit lié à la machine, merci de contacter et d'attendre la réponse du support.

  • jouant depuis 2012 arma 2 et direct arma 3,jamais de problem,de plus la machine "est le serveur".

    vu que cxa fais pareil poiur tout les membres en jeux ...deduction en peu betes..c pas grave ,je migre ailleurs,pas assez de serieux,meme le peux de lien faq plus de la moitier sont plus dispo,bref ils ont tous transforme le mailleur simulation de guerre en jeux de role*;;;altis life bla bla...