Server malfunction/not working properly

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  • Hey.

    Since the DLC came out, and the updates rolled over us, nothing seemed to work right.

    I have to restart constantly, which gets stuck. So a forced shutdown is required, only to give it a go with starting it up again, which doesn't always work.

    For somewhat reason, it won't start again. Was playing with others, shit froze, we booted, had luck getting in only to see that a rollback had occured... Minor damage, nothing major... But when it happens 3 times over 2 - 3 hours.... You start to lose it and think, that it might not just be the launch of a DLC, but also those behind the servers, that have no capablilities?

    IF so many have issues, why not announce it? Let us know what the hell is going on, and perhaps why we shouldn't spend hours trying to fix something that's unfixable?

    Why am i not able to open a support ticket and get direct help?

  • It is kind of announced on the web Dashboard:

    "The Nitrado team is invstigating reports that some servers are stuck in the status "restarting". A solution is already being worked on."

    But no updates, no nothing. Sucks big time.

    The "lesser" important info was announced. A "stuck in restarting" the server, is not what im worried about or frustrated over. The fact that the server is unplayable and we lost a ton of gear, mounts and what not due to unvulenteered disconnect(s), is what's getting to me.

    And yeah, it just happened again...

  • Same thing here, we all play for about 30 min, then all kicked, no way to rejoin as it shows everyone still in the server. The "joining session" notification appears but never loads. I force start the server and we play for another 30-60 min and booted again and it starts over...I submitted a ticket, and I'm about to call them.

  • Still keeps gettings errors, just with one player online.

    An yeah, saw the notification that took them forever to put up.

    Gonna set the game on "pause" until nitrado / "official tech guys" finds a solution, and figures out if we are gonna get refunds / more days from the unplayable time...