Server isn’t showing up in server list

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  • My server isn’t showing up at all when I search for it. I’ve tried closing Ark and opening it, restarting my server and restarting my PlayStation and it still isn’t showing up if anyone knows how to fix this please let me know

  • Happens to me every once in a while. It seems like Nitrado is just having a bunch of problems right now. My server will go through a restart-loop phase and then after a couple of force-stops and restarts it'll finally show up on the server list again. That is until it crashes and does it all over again.

  • So, oddball question? Have you checked with password protected servers? I ran into this just 30 seconds ago. My chrome browser was actually autofilling a password into the server when I restarted it because it was registering the server name as an account name and my admin password was being used to fill into the server password as well, creating a private server instead of public. Simple solution of going into chrome settings and deleting the function it created, but if yours is doing the same thing it might be hiding in the private list.