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  • Is anyone else having problems with their server where all the settings are the same in the server settings, but in game the settings are definitely not the ones shown? For example water consumption on my server is lowered in the settings, but in game you are drinking the normal vanilla amount.

  • Many things can be explained.

    (1) ARK updates could have broken something

    (2) Your updates didnt save when change. IF you changed them prior to update.

    (3) ARK update broke it, and ARK suggests rolling back to last save prior to the update. Happens more often than you think lately.

    (4) No matter what you change, being its a new DLC it may prevent use making any changes.

    (5) With Ab, the same 1.0 setting now longer is 1.0 so you have to adjust your settings to figure out what 1.0 is. IE: daylight settings specifically back then.

    (6) If you say have a setting twice in the ini, they can cancel each other.

    I'd verify your server settings really stuck. Review this in your settings on the web.

  • I have 2 master .ini files saved on my desktop, I am comparing them to my server settings on nitrado and they are exactly the same, but in game the rates are different than before this recent ark update. it has happened before on valentines too and I had to adjust my rates accordingly. So I am assuming its something being changed in the hardcode of the server and I am asking if that is the case, and if so, what has been changed in the background that we were not notified about.