Switching to Ark genesis

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  • Hi there. I recently rented my first server with Nitrado and have an admin question regarding Ark genesis.

    My community of 15 is eager to play and I would like to know if we would likely have access to the map on Nitrado today or if there is typically a few days lag while the map is implemented. Can I simply select the server from the map drop down menu as with a normal setup when its finally released? I understand that Nitrado has to wait for WC to release server files but my community is asking me how long it will be before the server is typically up?

    Thank you!

  • Hey,

    usually you can select the map in the web menu of the server after the DLC and update of the Nitrado servers.
    we hope very much that we will receive the update during the night.

    For example, you could rent a server that starts with The Island, and after the server appears, switch it to Genesis and let it restart.

    Or wait until weekend, until everything is running smoothly, and then rent