ark map changing

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  • So I have read how to change the maps on my nitrado server in ark on the xbox and I understand how that works but what I cannot find online is am I able to use the same character such as keeping the levels and such as well as transfer dinos and items to the map I change it to? If so how? My main question is if I can upload my dinos and pull them down on the new map.

  • Typically when a new DLC is released WC disables that function at first. They did that with Abb and Extinction.

    Once they enable it, yes you in theory could. I know that does not answer what to do now if you wanted to use the new DLC and go back to the other one. More than likely you will need to create a new character. Later as an admin, you can fix all of that.

    You may want to visit the WC/ARK forums and ask that question as it is a game function/feature.

  • Im not even asking for genisis. I am simply asking in general as I am fairly unknowledgeable in these parts of ark. I am also still new to the game. By new map i meant the map i change to. not necessarily genisis DOAGEN

  • If you enable the Obs to upload, make sure you allow everything including your character, change map, download. You may want to increase your timers in the upload/download. Be aware though it comes with a risk. All of us that have been around for a long time, the items in the obs can be lost. Sadly it happens.

    another recommendation, if you are going to upload/download- pick another date and not today. When WC releases a new DLC or ARK update, the steam network/game has had issues. I'm sharing by personal experience. I have hosted and done the ARK stuff for years.

    I also checked in with the XBox moderator Rondeau04 . ;)