Back Up Folder - Ark PS4

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  • Hi all,

    I plan on switching my val server to Genesis once it's available. I'd like this to be a wipe and a new start on this server. The message below appears under the settings:

    There is a known issue when changing the map of a PvP server with existing player profiles, which can result in very long respawn times. We suggest to either upload the player data through an obelisk before switching the map (and then downloading the player data after that), or performing a save folder wipe in the 'Backup' section after switching the map, which deletes all player data.

    Where is this Backup section? Is that the "Restore Backup" page and if so do I delete everything listed there?

    Please advise, thank you.

  • Unfortunately Consoles do not have this flexibility of running your own backup to a local savefile. The system runs its own backup.

    You can switch back and forth between maps. But note that eventually the saves will overwrite each other and the old map could be gone. I can not tell you whether thats say 5 days or 30.

  • Hi Doagen,

    That's fine as I'm wanting to overwrite the old saved data anyway and start new (tames, character profiles, buildings, everything). I don't have plans on reverting the changes and going back to Valguero on this server. That warning message was throwing me though.

    Thanks for the helpful response.

  • Hi Doagen, Im new here on the forum's can you tell me how to start a ticket/ trying to get my 1st character back so that i can take him and all my dinos to a new map.....thanks for any and all help