Nitrado Update?

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  • Did nitrado do an update? Every once in awhile the servers are forced to restart and when that occurs, my in game rates are different but when I look at the .ini files everything is the same. I have only noticed differences with the breeding and hatching and maturing and imprinting, for example, giga egg hatches in 10 mins but after said force restart that I didn't do, giga eggs now hatch at 40 mins. It happened last night and when the valentine event came out and a time before that. Never thought much of it until now. Is nitrado changing their algorithms to fix the imprinting issue? whats causing this and what can I do to prevent it from happening again. My server Is very active and it gets chaotic and i get bombarded with PMs asking why I changed settings when I never touched them when rates are changing without me modifying them. I hope I explained that as accurately as possible. Also, I am the only one with access to my server settings. Thank You.